DEBUG – VR Experience Against Racism

Concept & Realisation

Dario Morazán

Art Direction

Byron Co
Dario Morazán

Installation Design

Theodora Karagianni
Dario Morazán

Technical Support

Marko Bodenstein
Pasha Eghtesadi Bahrami

Workshop Concept

Dario Morazán
Sarah Linßen


Julieth Salazar


Prof. Nina Juric,
Image and Motion Department (MXL)
Köln International School of Design (KISD)

DEBUG began as part of the VRenice Beach project series of the Motion Experience Lab (MXL) at KISD, under the freely interpretable title
„Desert Feel / Reel Estate“.

Partner up. Deconstruct Racism.

Racism is deeply entrenched in our society, our institutions, our beliefs, and values. Each one of us is part of the racist system we live in. It’s about time to debug this system from racism. But how?

You’re right, it isn’t easy to change a system that has been part of us for centuries. And yes, it’s a fight that will take generations. You will most likely not experience the victory anymore. But you have the power to set the foundation for it. Anti-racism is not an attitude. It’s an action. And our lifetime responsibility.

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